Sandhills Area Foundation guardian of gifts, memorials and other contributions, established in Valentine, Nebraska Heart of the Sandhills

Sandhills Area Foundation Memorial Book (Book of Memories)

SandSandhills Area Foundation Memorial Book (Book of Memories)hills Area Foundation Memorial Book (Book of Memory) was donated by board member Phyllis Rothleutner in memory of her late husband, Wesley Rothleutner. Donors and Honorees are listed in the Memorial Book (Book of Memory). 

The podium was donated by Dave Sandoz, past president of the Sandhills Area Foundation.

The Memorial Book ( Book of Memory) will be on display at area banks.

Sandhills Area Foundation Memorial Book (Book of Memories) and podium.
Jonathan and Nancy Aal
Don and Mary Beth Abraham
Merle and Georgia Adams
Jerry and Deloris Adamson
and Families 
Rex and Evalyn Adamson 
Kentner and Patty Ahlf 
George Allard 
James R. Arnholt 
Tony and Judy Arrowsmith 
Ayara and Ayars, Inc. 
Clinton and Edith Bachelor 
Richard and Faye Bachelor 
Dr. Calvin and 
Sharon Bancroft 
Travis and Debbie Barker
Christian and Dawn Beckby 
Billy and Susan Beel 
Johnny and Jamie Beel
Gladys Bennett
Blaine and Patsy Benson 
Dean and Mary Jo Benson 
Dave and Donna Billings
David and Donna Billings & Family 
Cleo Bloom, Jr. 
David and Sue Bogard
Gyla Bowden 
Dick and Peggy Boyer
Robert and Denise Brandt 
Gregory and Angela Brown 
Bruning State Bank 
Lonty Bryant 
Sharon Bryant 
Bill and Suzanne Burbach 
Dan and Mary Busse 
Dr. James and Karen Butler 
Art Buechle 
Chris Buechle 
Gladys Buechle 
Mike Buechle 
BW Insurance Agency 
Len and Becky Byrne
Kathleen Anne Cady 
Steve and Kristie Camp 
Dean and Carol Cerny 
Dick and Anne Clark 
Charles F. Clifford 
Daniel and Jerilyn Colburn 
Jim and Joyce Carr Colvin 
John and Marie Condon
Gertrude Connot
Mark Courter 
Fran Crowe Ins. Agency 
Jean Cumbow
Walter and Lois Daily 
Jon and Marian Davenport
Tod and Christina Davenport
Tim and Connie Deets 
Cort and Julie Dewing 
Teri Diesing 
Helen Donovan
Pam Dredge 
Bill and Gail Drinkwalter 
James and Kathleen Drinkwalter 
Barry and Jane Dunn 
Roger and Arlene Dunn 
Ralph H. Eatinger 
Ralph and Norma Eatinger 
Norman and Linda Egle 
Bernard and Vickie Eklund
Eldina and Kip Eickhoff
Kristin and Eric Ellefson 
Mrs. E.G. Ellingson 
John and Audrey Engel
Enloe United Methodist Church 
Dan and Kim Epke
Erv and Vernelle Ferguson 
Margaret Figert 
First National Bank 
Bruce and Deb Fischer 
John B. and Sherry Fischer
Marilyn K. Fisher 
Gert and Joe Foreman
Casey and Keri Foster
Martha Foster 
Nick and Susan Frank 
Philip and Darlene Freiberg 
Edson and Barbara Gale 
Greg and Tamara Gass 
Bob and Janet Grabher 
Robert and Joann Grabill 
Darrell G. Grassmeyer
Margaret Green and Family 
Gerald and Jane Grooms 
Duane Gudgel and 
Darlene Meyer 
Robert and Mary Kay 
Don and Jan Gustin 
John and Diane Guthery 
Greg and Kim Hanna 
John and Jo Kay Harms 
Tracy and Kay Hand
James A. Hanna 
Ken Harman 
Tom Harman
Tim Henderson
Tim and Myndi Henderson
Martha Higgins
Kelly and Rose Hildebrandt   
Wayne and Linda Hildebrandt 
Allan and Tammy Hitchcock 
James and Ann Hoch 
A.W. and Patricia Hogan
Glen and Yvonne Hollenbeck
Hometown Lumber
Robert Hose, CLU 
HTM Sales, Inc. 
Royce and Lana Huber 
Glen and Darlene Huddle 
Randy and Linda Huddle 
Janice Huffman
Steve and Jamie Isom 
Clifford and Sharon Jacobs 
David and Kathy Jacobs 
Douglas and Sandy Jacobs 
Jayco Partnership-
Jerry Adamson, Bill Joseph 
Dr. Dick and Kim Jeffers 
Richard and Deborah Jeffers 
Clifford and Jessie Jensen 
Jeanne Joiner 
Donald and JoAnn Jones 
Gary A. Jones Inc. Agency 
Richard Joseph 
KVSH Radio
Ann A. Keech 
Gerald and Norma Jean Keech 
Shane and Karen Keller

Joe and Angela Kelley 
Steven and Susan Kerr 
Robert and Evelyn Kilmer 
Keith and Kathleen Kimble 
Duane and Danita Kime 
Kenneth and Brandee Kohl 
Hale and Jane Kreycik 
Jack and Dorothy Kreycik 
Keith and Audrey Kreycik 
Larry and Marion Kroeker 
Krotter Auto Center 
N.R. and D.B. Larsen 
Mary J. Larson 
Darcie Lee 
James and Ginny Lee 
Merrill and Vera Lee 
Jeffrey Lentsch
Byron A. and Maxine Lewin 
Diane Linster 
Helen Lopez
John and Lynne Longcor
Bobby and Donna Lord
Margaret Loyo 
Paul and Tammy Lutter 
David and Kathleen Major 
Gary and Linda Major
Bill and Marjorie Manning
Robert and Peggy Marchant 
Rich and Pam Markus 
Russ and Dee Dee Markus 
Emry and Sally Mauch 
Chet and Pam McCormick 
Howard and Edith McCormick 
Jim McCollister 
Mary Anne McCollister 
Marjorie J. McGill 
Richard and Sarah McGill
Ed and Lauri McNulty
Kathryn Medlock
Kimberly Mercure 
Ron Mercure
Mike and Darcy Michalek 
Scotty and Tammy Millard 
Margy Miller
Lois Minford 
Dick and Arlene Minor
Donald and Sally Monroe 
Jack and Patricia Monroe 
Margaret Moore 
Dan and Colleen Moosman 
Ronna Morse 
John and Sherry Mulligan 
Mark and Judy Mulligan 
John Mullin Employees 
Mark Mullin Employees 
Philip S. Mullin 
Eldon and Willis Mundorf 
S.L. and J.J. Murphy
NE Area 17 Cattlewomen 
Nebraska Truck Center
Monty and Deb Neiffer 
Belle Nelson 
Dave and Joann Nelsen
Donald and Virginia Nelsen 
Dale and Cynthia Nielsen 
Jerry Lorin Newman 
Dean and Julie Nickels 
Randy and Sandis Nitz 
Ann C. Nixon 
Jim and Loneta Nolan 
Rhonda Officer 
Delores O’Keefe 
William and Rhonda Oleson
Dave and Debby Otradovsky 
Dwain Owens
Duane and Sandy Parker
Robert and Janet Parkhurst
Merle and Erma Paxson
PEO- Chapter CA    
PEO- Chapter X 
Neale and Mary Ann Perrett 
James and Sue Peters 
Clifford and Patricia Petersen 
Clint and Fayne Petersen
Brent and Paige Petersen
Don Peterson Family 
Robert F. Peterson 
John and Becky Pettigrew
Larry and Sharon Pfeiffer
Peter W. Pier 
Pfizer Foundation
Mick and Callie Porter 
Bill and Anne Quigley 
Helen Raubach 
Jack and Lynda Ravenscroft
John and Cheryl Ravenscroft 
Eldon and Debra Reagle
Jo Reagan 
Patrick and Sheryl Recker 
Bud and Judy Reece
Reese Inc. - Richard, Kay, and Joanne 
Charlene Reiser and 
Brad McCormick 
William and Barbara Renning 
Mike and Chris Rhodes 
Nickie and Donna Rodocker 
Rolfsmeier Motors
Dotty and Mari Roseberry 
Phyllis Rothleutner 
Thomas M. and Linda Rutz 
Sid and Ruth Salzman 
Dave and Kay Sandoz 
David Sandoz 
Kent and Shari Sandoz 
Matt and Ashley Sandoz
Elaine Sanford 
Riley and Tammy Sargent 
Stephen and Sandy Saum 
Walter and Loretta Sawhill 
George and Judy Sawyer 
Rinda J. Sawyer
Skip and Judy Sawyer 
Raymond and Ruth Schaefer
Kent and Debbie Schipporeit 
Kenton Schipporeit 
Bruno and Joyce Schleuter
Howard and Margie Schmidt 
Jonathan J. Schram 
David and Patricia Schubauer 
John Schubauer 
Kris Schubauer 
Pat Schubauer 
Bryan Schweitzer Ins. Co. 
Scotty’s Ranchland Foods 
James C. Seacrest 
Allen and Kay Sedivy
Milan and Beverly Shaw 
Don and Joanne Shephard
Frank and Shirley Sibert 
Dr. Joyce D. Simmons 
Lee Simmons 
Rod Skytland Ins. Agency
Charles and Kathy Smith
Al and Kay Sperb 
Bob and Delia Stetter 
Richard and Ruth Stiefel 
Bernard and Barbara Stichka
Dale and Joyce Stock
Brad and Lori Strong 
David and Tracey Swan 
Harry Swanson
Robert and Virginia Tagtow 
Larry and Corrine Tangeman 
Janice I. Tetherow 
Roy and Janet Tiarks 
Dwight and Jean Todd 
Dwight and Lavina Todd
VHS Class of 1966 Members and Teacher 
Joseph and Linda VanLoan
Dan and Gerry Vavra 
Anne Vaughn
Gwyn Vaughn Erb
Leanna Vaughn Osterhaus
Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Wadell
Janice and Jerry Walline 
Bill and Pam Ward 
Charles Ward-Phyllis Bride 
David and Connie Ward
Tom and Bev Ward 
Jane Wasserman 
Carl and Kay Wells
Western NE Agents
                     -Pete, Eric, Mary 
Connie Westover - Pat Byrne
Leslie Whipple Family
Harvey and Sue Whitney 
Judith Widmaier 
Clara Young 
Cork and Mary Young 
Mark and Shelly Young 
Mike and Sheila Young
Mike, Mark, and Mary Young
Young Family 
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Patricia F "Pat" Abbott
Ruth Allard
Elvin Adamson 
Robbie Adamson 
Louise Aeschilman
Ruth Ahrens
Al's Oasis Founders-Alfred
 and Veda Mueller 
Leonard Alder 
Ola Almquist 
Gladys Anderson 
Ray Bacon 
Pauline Ballard 
Deal Barnes
Ruth Barnes 
Wally Bazyn
Roy Beckley 
L.C. “Buddy” Beel, Jr. 
Marianne Beel 
Bernie Beman 
Irene Beman 
Roy Beman
Joan Beyea 
Cleo Bloom, Jr.
Gyla Bowden
Velma Brown 
Floyd Bryant
Gladys Buechle 
Otto Buechle 
Linda Buhr 
Dr. John Bunner 
Darlene Burge 
Jerry Bush
Dena Cady 
George W. Cady
Leila Cahill
Robert Carr
Mac Carrier 
Virginia Churchill 
Gene Clark
Ruth Clausen 
Florence Coble
Jim Colvin
Gary Connot 
Leo Connot
Lynn Colburn
Billie Cox Coupland 
Wilamene Coupland
Pat Crouse 
William Cumbow 
Dwight Dam 
Helen Dam
Bette Loise Davenport 
Pauline Davenport 
Arnold Dixon
Joe Donovan
George Drinkwalter 
Keith Dusenberry
C.H. Eatinger, Jr.
Helen Eatinger 
Norma Eatinger
Annabel Eby
Ed Eby 
Charles Empkey 
Monica Engel
Dr. John Farner
Father Ferris 
Pat Fischer
Donald G. Fox
Margaret Fox 
Ruth Frauen
Bill Freeman 
Orville Gallino
Jerry Garner
Bob Gass
Wes Gipe
Suzanne Graves 
Lloyd Green
Margaret Green
Edgar Grooms
Helen Gudgel
Harvey Gunnick 
Hylda Gustafson
Michael Hagge 
Don Hanna, Jr. 
Gayle Hanna
James M. Hanna
Joanne K. Harms 
Leslie Harms 
Metta Harms 
Jay Hayford 
Ben Hempel 
Ron Hollenbeck 
Josiah Hollopeter
Kenneth Holm
Janice Huffman 
Mary Joseph
Conrad Keech 
Ed Keech 
Mary Ann Kehr 
Arletta Keller
Willard Keller 
Lil Anthony Kemp
Bob and Dorothy Keogh
Joan Kime 
Philomene Kime 
John Kolessa 
Jewel Kreycik 
Mary Rose Kuskie
John Lee 
Margaret Lee
Merrill "Jim" Lee 
Ivan Lewis 
Mike Longcor 
Zeta Longcor 
Aubrey Lord
Audrey Lord
Elver Lord
Georgia Y. Lord 
Raymond Lutter
John L."Jack" Major,Jr 
Melissa Major 
Mart Manning
Sid Mayhew
Mary Anne McCollister
Howard McCormick
Naomi McCoy
Barbara McLeod 
Kathryn M. Medlock 
Lenus Mercure 
Margaret Mercure
Robert E. Meyer 
Donald Meyers 
Howard Miller 
Roger Miller
Jack Monroe
Elaine Moreland
Alfred and Veda Mueller
Mary Mulligan 
Margaret S. Mullin 
Lyle Mundorf 
Pat Neujahr
Tom Nollette 
Willis Ohlmann
Wayne Olmsted 
Bruce Ormesher
Norman Osnes 
Mary Katherine Osterman
Emory Pascoe 
Merle Paxson
Janette Paxton
Donald C. Peterson
Douglas Peterson 
Fred Perrett 
Bruce and Elsie Phipps
Mary Pier 
Mary Plantz
Wayne Porath 
Margaret Pound
Keith Quick 
Pierce Raubach 
Jim Ravenscroft
Craig Reagle 
Edna Reece 
Clifford Reece
George Rhoades 
Cal Robinson
Wayne Rodgers
Bill and Alice Roe
Phyllis Rothleutner 
Gail Sandoz 
Jody Schott
Monte Sargent
Steve Saum
Helen Sears
Raymond Schaefer 
Martina Schroeder
H. Kay Sedivy 
Amanda Shadboldt
Peggy Ann Sharp
Sylvia Sharp 
Gene Shipley
Gary Sherman
Don Simmons
Jean Simmons 
Harold Smith 
John Smith
Nellie K. Smith 
Scotty Smith 
Richard Sokol
Dean Soles
Wilma Spencer 
Lyle "Sonny" Steele, Jr.
Ann Stetter
William Stetter
Irene Stoeger
Millie Stoner 
Gretchen Knight Tetherow
Bill Tinant
Bob Tinant
Bob Todd 
Dwight Todd
Annette Trimble 
Dolar Turgeon 
Leland Vandenbos
Mildred Vandenbos 
Hermina Vanderheiden
Thomas Vanderheiden 
LaVerne Vanneman 
Larry E. Vaughn 
George Walker
Jo Walker
John (Tim) Walkling 
Allen Ward
Mae Ward 
Phyllis Ward 
Kim Wescott
C. Keith Whipple
Dr. Lyman White 
Megan McCormick Wilcox
Linda Sue Wilson 
Lillian “Bobbie” Wrage 
Howard Wright
Cork Young 
Esther Young
P.H. Young
Sylvia Zeever

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you do with what your are given. The least satisfaction
is what you do to satisfy yourself.

Congressman Tom Osborn, Republican Nebraska

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